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This is our super premium content. The only kind of content we create.

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The more information you give us, the better your article will be.  Think of things like:

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  • Would you like us to use a specific KW density or should we write naturally? (Naturally is recommended)
  • Would you like us to write in a certain style? (Formal / Informal / Conversational)
  • Would you like us to format the article in a certain way? (Best of lists / How to guides)
  • What products would you like us to promote?
  • Would you like us to review the product favorably or honestly?
  • Would you like a soft sell or a hard sell?

(You do not need to answer all of the above questions, they will not be applicable to every kind of article. They are also not an exhaustive list, but they should hopefully give you an idea of the kind of information we like to know.)

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